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Kitchen Utensils

The term kitchen utensils refers to the wide range of tools and simple equipment used in different stages of food preparation. Kitchen utensils may refer to knives, tongs, chopping boards, plates and bowls, pans, trays and tons more. If you're looking for specific kitchen utensils, a good way of narrowing down your search is to browse through kitchen utensils according to functionality. Are the kitchen utensils you're looking for used in food preparation, measurement, storage or presentation?

Websites and stores where kitchen utensils can be bought usually classify their products according to their use; you shouldn't have a hard time zeroing in on the specific tool you're looking for. To give you a better idea on this, below are some commonly used categories for classifying different kinds of kitchen utensils:

Categories for kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils used for food preparation - Kitchen utensils used for food preparation commonly include colanders, funnels, tongs, spatulas, strainers and sieves, whisks and different kinds of spoons. True to its name, kitchen utensils used for food preparation have functionalities that enable mixing, transferring and handling food. Strainers are kitchen utensils used to separate solid food parts from liquids, while spatulas or turners are used to toss pancakes and omelettes as well as lift or flip fried food.

Kitchen utensils used for food measurement - As the term implies, this category covers all the simple tools and equipment used in getting the required approximations of ingredients to be used in preparing dishes. This kitchen utensils category covers kitchen scales, measuring cups and spoons, thermometers, timers and tons more.

Kitchen utensils used for baking - Some of the tools that fall under this category of kitchen utensils include cookie cutters, dough blenders, flour sifters, icing spatulas, rolling pins and baking mats. These utensils can be further classified according to the baking process they're used for. For example, icing spatulas and cooling racks are used after the actual baking process.

Icing spatulas are used to design cakes and pastries after they've been put in the oven and placed on cooling racks. Cookie cutters and rolling pins, on the other hand, are used prior to the actual baking process. Rolling pins are used to knead dough, while cookie cutters are used to cut out dough in various shapes.

As mentioned, looking for specific kitchen utensils is made easier; they are now classified according to use and functionality. Even within the above-mentioned categories are sub-classifications that sort and categorise kitchen utensils according to the stages in food preparation, measurement and baking. Kitchen utensils are often sold in sets and can be bought in kitchen supplies stores, supermarkets and online auction sites.

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